Bruner Gold & Silver Project

100% owned by Canamex, the Bruner gold and silver project is located in Nye County, Nevada, United States. The region is home to several large producing and past-producing gold and silver mines, and Nevada is a friendly and safe jurisdiction for the mining industry. The project is estimated to have total resources of around 391,000 oz of gold and 3,641,000 oz of silver.

Nevada Gold & Silver Mining

Nevada, a state of the United States, was known much more for silver in the 19th century, but many of the early silver mining districts also produced considerable quantities of gold. Gold mining in Nevada is a major industry, and one of the largest sources of gold in the world.  

The mining town of Rawhide, Nevada, circa 1915.
Goldstrike Mine in Nevada, containing more than 35,000,000 oz of gold,

Nye County & the Bruner District

Canamex’s Bruner project is located in Nye County, one of the largest and most mineral rich counties in the United States. Numerous gold districts are scattered throughout, and one of the largest gold mines in the world, Round Mountain, is located here. This is a vast region with very rich mineral potential.

Nevada Mining Overview

Silver mining in Nevada began in 1858 with the discovery of the Comstock Lode, the first major silver-mining district in the United States. 

Nevada calls itself the "Silver State”, and is the nation's second-largest producer of silver, after Alaska. In 2014 Nevada produced 10.93 million oz of silver, of which 6.74 million oz were as a byproduct of gold mining.

In 2017 Nevada produced 5,641,538 oz (175,470 kg) of gold worth USD 7.052 billion, representing 71% of gold produced in the United States and 5.6% of the world's production.

Total gold production recorded from Nevada from 1835 to 2017 totals 200,350,000 oz (6,232 t), worth over USD 260.5 billion at 2019 values.

Much of Nevada's gold production comes from large open pit mining using heap leaching recovery, such as that to be used at Canamex's Bruner project.

Nye County, founded in 1864, comprises more than 17,000 square miles in south-central Nevada and is studded with north-trending mountain ranges. The intermontane valleys are not drained, and streams terminate in sinks or salt-encrusted flats.

The most important mineral commodities of Nye County have been precious metals, with several high-quality mines operating in the county.

Canamex’s Bruner Gold & Silver Project

Canamex completed a positive Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) on the Bruner project in 2016 which was updated in January 2018 after further drilling showed increased resources and improved commercial feasibility. Canamex is now using a metal stream sale to finance the development of the Brunoer project.

2018 PEA Report Highlights


Bruner has some of the best drill intercepts in Nevada USA, which includes 110m at 4.08 g/ton of gold and 57.9 m at 5.23 g/ton of gold. A typical grade for open cut oxide mines (such as Bruner) is 0.5 g/ton.


The project is currently estimated to have total resources of around 391,000 oz of gold and 3,641,000 oz of silver, with potential  expansion of these resources through further drilling, with over 80% of the project relatively unexplored.


At a gold price of USD 1,500 per oz, Bruner’s projected internal rate of return (IRR) is over 60% pre-tax. A good mining operation typically has a pre-tax IRR of 20% and above. 


The average annual gold production is forecast at 42,500 oz over 10 years, at an average cost of USD 577 per oz for the initial two years, giving a capital payback period of less than 15 months.


As extraction source and facilities over the initial two years of production is located entirely on patented claims, permits can be readily obtained. Furthermore, 90% recovery of gold from crushed material is projected from a single stage of oxide heap leach processing, based on sample testing.

 Project Summary

For a more detailed summary of the Bruner project, based on the 2018 PEA, please refer to the Canamex Blog on Medium.

 2018 PEA Report

The full 2018 Updated PEA Report is available for download and reference.

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